Bookmobile Service Policy

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The Ashtabula County District Library provides library services and materials to residents of Ashtabula County not served by other libraries in the county.

The Bookmobile is the major method of accomplishing this task.

The following criteria will be used to establish bookmobile stops:

  1. There must be a demonstrated need for library services based on demographic analysis and community need.
  2. Selection of sites will be made in order to provide services to the maximum number of people showing the greatest need for service.
  3. Stops, typically, are not scheduled within a one-half (½) mile radius of the main library or the branch library in Geneva.
  4. Length of time spent at each stop will be determined by the number of patrons and the volume of materials borrowed.
  5. A decision regarding maintaining or eliminating stops will be made after evaluation of patron count, circulation, demand for service, change in the number of users or in the number of materials borrowed, and location.
  6. A winter schedule running September through May and a summer schedule running June through August will be established. Evaluation of stops will take place during the course of the schedule and changes will be made at the end of the period.
  7. In areas where the bookmobile is the only access residents have to library services, rather than eliminating a stop, investigation should be made into changing the location, improving community awareness of the service, changing time of the stop, establishing a station or a deposit site collection as an alternative.
  8. Decisions regarding bookmobile stops will be made by the Director and Geneva Branch Manager.
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