ACDL Phones and Faxes Out of Service

Our phones and faxes are out of service. You will be unable to reliably reach our voicemail during the Junteeth holiday as we upgrade our service.

We can be reached through our other channels including via email at All phones and faxes will be back in service when we reopen on Thursday.


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At ACDL we attempt to build a well-rounded and thorough collection that meets the needs of the entire community. However, we know that try as we might, we're not going to have everything our patrons want or need.

To help with this, we are members of the SEO Library Consortium which allows us to draw on a collection of 8 million items from 98 Library systems across the State of Ohio.

If we cannot meet your need from the Consortium, we encourage you to fill out the form below to the left. Our staff reviews all of the requests through this form and will do our best to acquire a copy for you to use either through purchase or via Interlibrary Loan request from libraries across the United States.

Before you request an item, please make sure you have checked the library's catalog. It might also be worth looking for the item in our digital items in the eLibrary. If you have any questions or require assistance please feel free to contact us.

Materials Request Form

General Information

Please offer the following information as a starting point for your request.

Type of Item

Additional Details

These additional details may help us to find your item. They are not required but will help us locate exactly what you're looking for.

Contact Info

If you would like a follow-up phone call or email once we've located your item, please give us your contact information.

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