Ohio Obituary Index

Ohio Obituary Index

This database contains about 90% newspaper citations and about 10% other sources. Obituary is a term used loosely for death notices – some may be lengthy articles, and some may be brief one-line notices.

The original index was compiled by Hayes Library Staff and a small army of volunteers who read the original newspapers, in hard copy or microfilm, listed the deaths, and then input them into the computer system. The time spent on this superb reference tool should not be measured in hours but in years. Starting in 2001, other libraries started entering their data into this index, so it extends far beyond the holdings of the Hayes Presidential Library.

A total of over 60 libraries have contributed as of 2018. See the map on the top page for all the partner libraries. Funding for some of the libraries has been provided by the Northwest Ohio Library District (NORWELD) and a grant from the federal Institute of Museum and Library Services, awarded by the State Library of Ohio.
Key Features:

Extensive Obituary Records: Access a wealth of obituary records from Ohio newspapers, allowing you to research and commemorate the lives of individuals from the state.

User-Friendly Search: Utilize a user-friendly search interface to find specific obituaries or explore historical records.

Historical Documentation: Access historical documents and newspapers, which can offer insights into the culture, society, and history of Ohio.

Genealogical Research: Ideal for genealogists and researchers seeking to trace family histories and explore the lives of their ancestors.

Free Access: The index provides free and open access to historical obituary records, making it a valuable resource for those interested in Ohio's past.

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