INFOhio PreK-12 Digital Library

INFOhio is a valuable educational resource designed to support students, educators, and parents in Ohio. This comprehensive platform offers a wide array of digital content, tools, and services to enhance learning and teaching in the state.

Key Features:

Digital Content: Access a vast collection of high-quality, curriculum-aligned digital resources, including educational videos, e-books, and interactive lessons.

Educational Databases: Explore research databases covering a range of topics, providing reliable information for school projects and assignments.

Professional Development: Benefit from professional development resources, helping educators enhance their teaching skills and stay current with best practices.

Parent Resources: Access resources for parents to support their children's education, including homework help, literacy tips, and educational games.

Lesson Planning Tools: Utilize lesson planning resources and instructional materials to create engaging and effective classroom experiences.

Statewide Access: INFOhio is available statewide, ensuring that Ohio's students and educators have equitable access to high-quality educational content.

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