Emergency Closing Policy

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Immediate decisions as to when and for how long the library shall be closed due to weather conditions, natural disaster, or an unforeseen circumstance/emergency (examples of such include: fire, flood, loss of power/heat, sudden dangerous weather, major roof leaks, or life-threatening emergency) shall be made by the Director. The Director shall consult with the Library Board President and/or members of the Library Board of Trustees to determine parameters involve in extended emergency closures beyond five (5) business days.

The Director has the authority to determine if it would be a detriment for employees to try to reach work in case of severe weather. If a snow day or delay is declared, Administration will contact Team Leaders and Team Leaders will contact their staff members.

Under no circumstances should patrons be left alone in the building or put out into the dark/cold. If a young patron (13 years or younger) is waiting for a ride, the on-call supervisor and one other staff person must wait until the person is safe. If, after 15 minutes, the young patron is still waiting, the police may be contacted to handle the matter.

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