Credit Card Use Policy

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This policy applies to all (i) payment cards, checks or other payment instruments associated with a credit account issued by a financial institution or a retailer, and (ii) payment cards related to the receipt of grant funds. All such cards and instruments are referred to herein as “credit cards”.

This policy does not apply to procurement cards (P-cards), or to gas cards or other payment cards that are capable of use only for the purchase of certain limited types of goods. 

The Library will not obtain or maintain any debit cards.

Credit cards will be established in the name of the Ashtabula County District Library with a maximum credit limit not to exceed $10,000.00.

The Fiscal Officer will work with the appropriate financial institutions that issue credit cards to determine the best type of credit card accounts for the Library, and also to determine which store credit card accounts the Library will utilize.

  • The Fiscal Officer is responsible for working with the issuing financial institution to
  • determine the dates when credit cards expire and the re-issuance of replacement cards.
  • The Fiscal Officer is responsible for determining, when necessary, the need to cancel a
  • credit card account and any adjustment to credit limits on the credit cards.
  • The Fiscal Officer is responsible for notifying the issuing financial institution of a lost or
  • stolen card. Library personnel using a credit card must notify the Fiscal Officer when they
  • become aware that a card is lost or stolen.

Credit cards will be kept in the office of the Fiscal Officer and may be signed out to authorized Library personnel from time to time as necessary. The credit card should be promptly returned to the office of the Fiscal Officer once the purchases for which it was checked out have been made.

Credit cards may be signed out only to the following Library personnel:

  • Director
  • Branch Manager
  • Fiscal Officer
  • Head of Technical Services
  • Head of Technology
  • Head of Building and Systems
  • Other staff members as specifically authorized by the Director on a case-by-case basis

A credit card may not be used by anyone other than the individual to whom it is signed out.

Prior to initial receipt of a credit card, each individual must agree to and sign the Credit Card Responsibility and Use Procedures.

The Board authorizes the use of Library credit cards for use in connection with Board-approved or Library-related activities and for only those types of expenses that are for the benefit of the Library that serve a valid and proper public purpose shall be paid for by credit card. Credit cards will be used primarily for travel expenses to conferences and/or workshops and pre-payment of materials when required by vendor. In any event, credit cards may be used only for expenditures that are within the applicable budget and departmental guidelines.

For each purchase made using a credit card, an itemized receipt indicating the amount paid, the vendor, and the goods/services purchased must be submitted to the Fiscal Officer promptly following the purchase.

Use of a credit card for personal expenditures, for expenditures in excess of the applicable credit limit, or otherwise in violation of this policy constitutes a misuse of the credit card. Any Library personnel engaging in misuse of a credit card will be responsible to reimburse the Library for any unauthorized expenditures and may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

If a credit card is lost or stolen, of if any Library personnel become aware of unauthorized or fraudulent use of any of the Library’s credit card accounts, the same must be reported immediately to the Fiscal Officer.

All monthly credit card statements and other correspondence associated with the credit card accounts will be sent to the Ashtabula County District Library. Payment of the monthly statements must be made in a timely fashion so that finance charges and late payment fees are not incurred.

On an annual basis, the Fiscal Officer will submit a report to the Library Board of Trustees regarding all credit card rewards received by the Library.

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