Circulation of Petitions Policy

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The Ashtabula County District Library recognizes the presentation of petitions by individuals and groups is a fundamental right, protected by the First Amendment. The library also upholds the rights of its patrons and employees to enter and leave the library safely, without being impeded or unduly hindered.

The library reserves the right to cause the removal from the library or library grounds, and to refuse further admission to those individuals who violate the Circulation of Petitions policy. Library property includes all library-owned or leased buildings and surrounding areas such as sidewalks, walkways, parking lots, and driveways.

This policy sets forth guidelines and conditions for circulating petitions on Library property to protect both the free exercise of individual rights as well as maintenance of a safe and welcoming environment for all citizens while visiting the library.

  • Petitioners are permitted to solicit names on library property such as walkways and parking lots, but must not interfere with ingress/egress to library property.
  • Petitioners are not permitted to solicit names inside any library building, lobby area, or immediately outside any entrance doors.
  • Individuals circulating petitions on library property must follow all pertinent legal guidelines and library policy including, but not limited to, the Library’s Code of Conduct.

Petition circulation in no way constitutes the library’s endorsement of a candidate, issue, or an organization’s policies or beliefs.

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