Checks Policy

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Patrons who owe the Library money may pay with a personal check payable to: Ashtabula County District Library.

The Ashtabula County District Library will not accept checks written for amounts greater than the amount owed. Customers writing checks to the library may be asked to show proof of identification, such as a driver’s license. The identification number will be written on the check.

If a patron writes a check to the Ashtabula County District Library and it is returned by the patron’s bank for any reason, the library will add said bank charges to the amount owed and the account will be frozen.

Notification will be made by phone. If unable to be contacted via telephone, the library will contact by mail advising the patron on the charges. The patron will be advised that a compatible credit card, debit card, bank check, money order, or cash will be the only acceptable

The library reserves the right to suspend or revoke check writing privileges when appropriate.

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