ProQuest® African American Heritage is a digital resource exclusively devoted to African American family history research.

This collection was created in partnership with leading African American genealogists and recognized leaders in genealogical information to develop a comprehensive mix of resources, records, and tools specifically pertaining to African Americans.

As a consequence of slavery and the changing legal status of African Americans, research in this area can be more challenging than other genealogical inquiries.

ProQuest African American Heritage helps individuals address these unique issues by not only bringing together records critical to African American family research, but also by connecting them to a community of research experts, whose mentoring and assistance can frequently be the difference between research success and futility.

Highlights of ProQuest African American Heritage include:

  • A user-friendly interface that combines the best elements of our award-winning HeritageQuest® Online database with new, enhanced navigation and tools.
  • Primary sources devoted specifically to African American family history, including census records, vital records, freedman and slave records, church records, legal records, and more.
  • Access to family history books related to African Americans, including titles from Genealogical Publishing Company.
  • Access to an updated, online edition of Black Genesis—an exhaustive guide that makes locating resources pertaining to enslaved persons and free blacks easier.
African American Heritage Screenshot
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