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Library Take-Out

ACDL is here to serve you. We now offer curbside pickup of holds. Please follow the steps below (also described in the video). Pick up will be arranged by appointment only, following social distancing guidelines.

  1. Place the items you want on hold using the online library catalog, or call the
    Circulation Department at (440) 997-9341, (Ashtabula), or (440) 466-4521 (Geneva). Please note that only items from Ashtabula Library, Geneva Library, and the Bookmobile are available. Delivery from other libraries has been suspended until further notice.
  2. You will receive a notification from us when your items are available for pick up, according to your regular method of notification (email, text, or phone).
  3. If you are notified by phone, a librarian will call you to set an appointment for you to pick up your items.
  4. If you are notified by text or email, call us at (440) 997-9341, option 1 (Ashtabula) or (440) 466-4521 (Geneva), to set your appointment. Please note that this service is only available when staff is on duty (Monday – Friday 10AM-6PM).
  5. The library staff will prepare your items and check them out to your library card.
  6. When you arrive at the library, pull up to the front of the building. Call us again at the number above to let us know you are here. (If you do not have a cell phone, please come to the front door to let us know you have arrived, and someone will meet you with your items.)
  7. A staff member will place your items in the entryway. Once the staff member has left the entryway, you may then enter the door to retrieve your items.

If you have further questions, please call the Circulation Department at (440) 997-9341, option 1 (Ashtabula) or (440) 466-4521 (Geneva).

Document Printing Starting 5/26/2020

ACDL now offers remote printing of documents at the Ashtabula and Geneva branches.

If you have a document you would like printed:

  1. Add a front page to your document listing the date; your name; a phone number where you can be contacted; and the pickup branch. Send the document as an attachment to Alternately, include this information in the email with your file attached. 
  2. Library staff will print your document and call you to set an appointment to pick it up using our Curbside Service. Printing cost is $0.10 per single-sided page, color or black and white, and is limited to letter and legal-sized documents. Please let us know if you need double-sided printing. The types of documents accepted are Google Docs, Google Sheets, Microsoft Office Suite documents, Open Office, PDF and others.
  3. To pay for your print job, there will be a collection box at the Curbside Pick Up point. Please place your money in the collection box. Cash only. No money will be handled and no change will be available.

The library cannot guarantee a time for completion of your request. Most documents will be processed within a few hours but it may take as long as a few days to complete your request. For documents over 25 pages, please call the library in advance.

We encourage you to contact us with any questions.

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