Crash the Library Cat

“Crash” the Cat

Crash's Formal Portrait
Official Mascot of ACDL’s Geneva Library 2006-2018

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Crash came to the Geneva Library in the Fall of 2006, fully prepared for indoor life – declawed, neutered, house-broken and staring at the front door of his newly adopted home.

He retired in style in March of 2018.

First, though, he would have to get past the Library’s Director, who had many times decreed, “No Pets!” The two rapidly developed an eerie human-feline bond, and Crash was accepted into the Library’s family.

Crash wearing a tin foil hat being held by young girl However, it’s well-established that orange cats have formidable mind-control powers. Hence the aluminum-foil hat became a matter of self-preservation.
People occasionally asked us, “Why do you call him Crash?”

We don’t know, really… it might be the orange fur.

Crash asleep in bin
Might be the pointy ears. Crash asleep on blue surface
Crash asleep on display Or the meowing.It just seemed… apropos, somehow.


Crash was an indoor/outdoor kitty, allowed to romp through the summer grass when he wasn’t lounging in the air-conditioned library. We caught him on-camera one blustery winter’s day, staring wistfully at his favorite outdoor play area.

Crash stares out window into snowy day

Thinking, perhaps, “I sure am glad I don’t have to go out in that today.”

All in all, this Library Cat thing was a pretty good gig.

He didn’t miss many meals.

He had many, many fans, of all ages. Crash and young fans
Crash comtemplating He had plenty of time to lie around contemplating… cat things.
And he was such a team player… always so patient with the staff’s little practical jokes. Crash with glasses

But like any good employee, he had goals!


One was to master the checkout computers… Crash at the front desk
Crash inside bookmobile front windshield …and the other was to drive the Bookmobile one day.
In the meantime, there was always work to be done at the Library. Crash greeting young fan


Friends to greet, naps to take, snacks to mooch whenever possible.

There are some who say it’s a dog’s life.

Crash looks off rightThere are some who would disagree.

In March of 2018, the library made the following announcement:

It is with much gratitude, and decidedly mixed feelings, that we announce the impending retirement of Crash.

During his long tenure as keeper of the Geneva Public Library, Crash has endured millions of hugs, strokes, and wild romps from one corner of the building to another. He has put up with enthusiastic youth, soft-shelled adults, and grumpy co-workers. He has helped us clean, shelve, and redecorate. And he’s done it all with a tremendous amount of good cheer, patience, and indulgence.

I’m sure we all agree he’s more than earned a chance to lay back and relax in a soothing environment–and he’s found one! A familiar family–long-standing patrons–has agreed to harbor him, and he’s already spent a fun, yet calming, weekend visiting. We have no doubt his senior years will be as joyful as his years with ACDL.

ACDL celebrated Crash’s retirement on March 10, 2018, with a huge party.

Crash Gato sleeping behind a plant

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