Previous Exhibits

December 2016-January 2017 : After School Discovery

A display of art by Afterschool Discovery students

Andy Goldsworthy is a Scottish artist who uses natural elements like stones, twigs, flowers, leaves, and icicles to create (mostly) temporary sculptures. The After School Discovery students used similar items to create their art, then photographed the pieces. These photos are what is displayed here in the gallery. 

The PUFF Project artwork

Here you can see the “Puff Project”, inspired by Dale Chihuly’s giant outdoor installations. Each individual “Puff” is made out of recycled materials, helping to teach the students and the community about the importance of protecting the beautiful natural spaces Ashtabula has been blessed with. 

Seasons Change artwork

This large piece is the focal point of the exhibit, taking up a large amount of wall space. It is based on Dale Chihuly’s signature style of blown-glass sculptures. Some images of his work can be seen to the right of the students’ piece for comparison. This piece uses plastic cups that have been colored, then partially melted, so as to mimic the blooming floral motifs in Chihuly’s work. 

November 2016: Elisa Albrecht

In November 2016, we hosted a selection of works by local artist Elisa Albrecht. From Elisa’s Artist Statement:

“Civilizations and groups rise and fall through the passage of time, each of them building and living off one another, influencing their own evolution, expansion, as well as their demise. With the use of mark making and responding to patterns and textures left from ink impressions on the paper my goal for these pieces is to create images of landscapes and unusual worlds that convey an unfamiliar passage of time. The architecture merges both historical and imagined structures and variations in technology. Through the stillness of of the landscapes these locations standing on their own are meant to suggest the existence of life; whether it be an indigenous culture, a developing world, an occupied land, or one that has merely collapsed. Ruins and footprints are left to be incorporated into the next civilization to come or simply forgotten.”

All works ©Elisa Albrecht.

"Landscape 6" by Elisa Albrecht

“Landscape 6” by Elisa Albrecht

"Landscape 7" by Elisa Albrecht

“Landscape 7” by Elisa Albrecht

"Landscape 12" by Elisa Albrecht

“Landscape 12” by Elisa Albrecht

Elisa Albrecht Exhibit


September-October 2016: Ralph Bacon

Ralph Bacon of Plymouth Township provided our inaugural collection from September through October of 2016.

Artwork by Ralph Bacon

A selection of works by Plymouth Township artist Ralph Bacon.

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