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Funding Update
  People sometimes tell us they're glad the funding situation is better... to which we answer... better, yes... in the sense that it's not as much worse as we expected. Click the link for an update.

Every Child Ready to Read Series

"How to Make Your Child Smarter"   Reading is the skill most crucial crucial to all learning. You can help your little one(s) develop beginner's skills that need to be in place when they start school and begin to learn to read on their own.
"Learning to Like Books"   It may seem like common sense now, but believe it or not we all had to learn how books work.
"Sounds & Letters & Words"   A child needs to begin to understand how letters on the page represent the sounds of speech.
"Good Reads for Baby"   Youth Services Coordinator Barb Tack suggests a few books for kids up to the age of about 2.
"Good Reads for Toddlers"   When your child grows out of infancy, he or she will become more interested in a different sort of book.
"Good Reads for
  By the age of 4 or 5, your child's reading tastes will have changed again.

Readings for "Banned Books Week" 2011 

Doug Anderson   Maurice Sendak's "The Night Kitchen" has been attacked for its illustrations.
Tom Milligan   Reading from Barbara Ehrenreich's Nickel and Dimed, which has been attacked for its critique of the American economic order.
Mary Stokes   Reading from John Gardner's A Prayer for Owen Meany, which has been attacked for occasional "vulgar language" and "anti-government sentiments."

Just for Fun 

"Some Fun Now"   People tend to think of the library as staid and stuffy. We beg to differ.
 "The Man Who Walked Between the Towers"   As the twin towers of the World Trade Center were still under construction, a French daredevil staged a spectacular stunt, which is commemorated in this children's book by Mordecai Gerstein.