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TAG! (You're It)
 Or, you could be.
A TAG is a Teen Advisory Group!
Teens in TAG can help library staff create exciting and interesting programs and activities for teens at the library, and can promote the library’s services and programs for young adults
 among their peers.
TAG membership is open to all 7th to 12th graders (public, private, or home schooled).
We call the "Ashtabula Library Teen Advisory Group" ALTAG.
 TAGG is "The Teen Advisory Group of the Geneva Library"
What does a TAG Do?
 A better question would be: What would you like it to do?
 Write book reviews?
Suggest books, movies, & music the Library to purchase?
 Help lead book discussions?
 Help plan and perform programs?
Create displays to promote reading?
 Assist with storytelling?
 Give ideas for the TAG webpage?
 Promote the library as the place to be seen at?
 Create a teen library newsletter?
 What would you like to do?
TAGG at Geneva Library meets 2:30 p.m.
 approximately every-other week.
 TAG at Ashtabula is just starting up again;
 talk to our Youth Services Staff.
What Do I Have To Do?
 Attend meetings and work with other TAG teens to help show what the library has to offer and that
the library and reading are fun! You will be expected to have positive ideas, be able to listen and work with others, and be willing to help the library. The TAG receives assistance from an Advisor on the Library staff who can keep members aware of available resources and boundaries of the group.
Why Should I Join?
 Being a member of TAG allows you to have some input into library programming. By helping library staff create and run activities and programs for young adults and youth, TAG members can learn more about themselves, their friends, and the library.

How Can I Join?
 Just start by printing this application (PDF)! Fill it out, ask your parent or legal guardian sign it, and return it to the Library. Membership is open to any teen in 7th to 12th grade. If you have any questions, contact the TAG Advisor at either Library.