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"Crash" the Cat
Official Mascot of ACDL's Geneva Library




Crash, formal portrait      Crash came to the Geneva Library in the Fall of 2006, fully prepared for indoor life - declawed, neutered, house-broken and staring at the front door of his newly adopted home.

First, though, he would have to get past the Library's Director, who had many times decreed, "No Pets!" The two rapidly developed an eerie human-feline bond, and Crash was accepted into the Library's family.
However, it's well-established that orange cats have formidible mind-control powers. Hence the aluminum-foil hat became a matter of self-preservation.     Crash's Tinfoil Hat

 People occasionally ask us, "Why do you call him "Crash?"

Crash Snoozes on Blue Box

 Crash crashed on circ desk

 Crash crashed in the shippping bin

 Crash Asleep on Book 

 We don't know, really... it might be the orange fur.
Might be the pointy ears. Or the meowing.
It just seemed... apropos, somehow.

Crash is an indoor/outdoor kitty, allowed to romp through the summer grass when he's not lounging in the air-conditioned library. We caught him on-camera one blustery winter's day, staring wistfully at his favorite outdoor play area. Thinking, perhaps, "sure am glad I don't have to go out in that today."    Crash contemplates the snow
 Crash's Fans   All in all, this Library Cat thing is a pretty good gig.

He doesn't miss many meals.

He has, many, many fans, of all ages.
He has plenty of time to lie around contemplating... cat things.    Crash contemplates cat things
 Crash Goggles   And he's such a team player... always so patient with the staff's little practical jokes.

 And he has goals.

 Crash at the Circ Desk    Crash on Bookmobile Dashboard
One is to master the checkout computers...    ...and the other is to drive the Bookmobile one day.

 Until then, there's always work to done at the Library.

 Crash and Friend at Checkout

Friends to greet, naps to take, snacks to cadge whenever possible. 

Crash looks wary

 There are some who say it's a dog's life.
There are some who would disagree.