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Local History Archives
and Special Collections

History of Ashtabula County    The thumbnail sketch.
History of Ashtabula County   The comprehensive version.
Platt R. Spencer
Memorial Archives
  Platt R. Spencer (1800-1864) lived the better part of his life in Ashtabula County, mostly in Geneva, where he developed his famous penmanship system.
Archie Bell Collection    Archie Bell (1877-1943) was born in Geneva, Ohio.  Mr. Bell was an art and drama critic for various Cleveland newspapers, and the author of a series of travel books.  This collection of his books contains autographed letters and photos from turn-of-the-century stage and opera celebrities, as well as from other famous people; author-autographed books, including Houdini, Cantor, Lowell Thomas, John Philip Sousa, Clyde Fitch, etc.; manuscripts and published works by Bell; travel logs and family memorabilia, and books on theater.  This collection is for the serious scholar. 
The Edith Thomas Collection    Edith M. Thomas (1854-1925) was schooled in Geneva, Ohio. Ms. Thomas became widely known in international literary circles as a writer and poetess. This collection is, primarily, of her original handwritten and published poems.